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The development of technology and the problem of COVID-19 has had a great impact on all types of businesses including entrepreneurs and buyers around the world. The change of selling from conventional to digital market has started to become an obligation for all types of transactions. The latest technology and demand trends make it possible for vendors and buyers to do transactions by just pressing the phone or even by pressing the computer keyboard.

The existence of an online Halal e-Marketplace Platform allows traders to have a halal channel as a new market to expand the product or service market by listing products or services to digital assets (physical digitisation), so that the scope of product or service information dissemination can be known by potential buyers. This opportunity should be seized by every Vendor to be given an improvement in listing products or services into Pazarme.com so as to increase marketability to the wider community. Therefore, Pazarme is responsible for playing a role by opening supply and demand.

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Become as a Vendor

Pazarme is a halal e-marketplace platform that allows vendors to expand their market and increase their revenue by listing their products or services for potential buyers to view and purchase. The platform offers a variety of advantages for vendors, including:

  • A Hyperlocal system that allows vendors to target buyers in a specific geographic location or with specific needs
  • A Vendor Admin Panel that makes it easy to list products or services as digital assets
  • A halal channel that allows vendors to reach a wider community
  • An opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology and demand trends

"Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase your sales and revenue. Join Pazarme as a vendor and take advantage of our powerful features to connect with potential buyers. Sign up now and start listing your products or services on the leading halal e-marketplace platform."

Become as a Partner

Pazarme Partner Program is an affiliate marketing program that allows partners to earn commission by promoting Pazarme's e-marketplace platform to their audience. By joining Pazarme as a partner, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Access to exclusive promotions and deals for Pazarme
  • A dedicated partner support team to help you with any questions or concerns
  • A unique referral link to share with your audience
  • The opportunity to earn commission from any sales made through your referral link
  • A chance to gain exposure to a wider audience through Pazarme's platform

"Earn money while promoting Pazarme's e-marketplace platform to your audience. Join Pazarme Partner Program and take advantage of exclusive promotions, a dedicated support team, and the opportunity to earn commission. Sign up now and start earning with Pazarme."