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is an online multi-platform marketplace, helping entrepreneur and consumers to create buy & sell activities.

Traceability Chain System

About us

Pazarme founded by Village Post (M) Sdn Bhd on May 2007 as an information technology (IT) department to develop smart city research and development (R&D) projects we call near-me system city (Pazarme). Change over time to further strengthen Pazarme's capabilities, change the company name to Market Channel Group Sdn Bhd on September 2015. And as we take steps to make our technological advancements stand out, we start the development from a traditional IT department to e-commerce 4.0 based IT company as a Market Channel Digital Sdn Bhd, March 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All about embracing the new ways of doing things, making quick, informed decisions, and continuous innovation. Market Channel Digital Sdn Bhd re-brand to Pazarme Group Sdn Bhd, October 2019.

It takes pride in having the capabilities of a large company while possessing the heart and spirit of a small one, driven by the excitement to innovate and provide services and solutions that save lives.

Pazarme is owned by Pazarme Group Sdn Bhd. We offer platform services, digital marketing, digital products, physical products, service products and social business communities to assist micro businesses, small enterprise (SME) industry, Multi National Company (MNC) & any business to solve middleman bureaucracy and operating costs the highest.

Pazarme has a multi-platform marketplace that uses conceptual hyperlocal for retail needs (off-line to on-line or O2O), Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and more. Pazarme is a halal e-commerce platform of effectiveness, the way Pazarme provides new markets as a choice of basic needs for consumers who value Halal in a lifetime.

What is traceability chain system?

Within the context of supporting legal and sustainable forest supply chains, traceability has emerged in the last decade as a new tool to verify claims and assure buyers about the source of their materials. Mostly led out of Europe, and targeting countries where illegal logging has been a key problem (FLEGT countries), timber tracking is now part of daily business for many enterprises and jurisdictions. Full traceability offers advantages for multiple partners along the supply chain beyond certification systems, including:

Mechanism to comply with local and international policies and regulations.

Reducing the risk of illegal or non-compliant material entering the supply chains. Providing coordination between authorities and relevant bodies. Allowing automatic reconciliation of batches and volumes available. Offering a method of stock control and monitoring. Triggering real-time alerts of non-compliance. Reducing likelihood of recording errors. Improving effectiveness and efficiency.Increasing transparency. Promoting company integrity. A number of timber tracking companies are in operation to service global demand.

Enhanced traceability ensures that the supply chain data is 100% accurate from the forest to the point of export. Nowadays, there are techniques to predict geographical provenance of wood and contribute to the fight against illegal logging.

Why do you think this Pazarme solution is better than currently available in market?

Traceability chain system is solution to take into account the journey of a product made. Started from the idea to the network, going to the raw material supply, get the farms to produce raw materials, and so on the processing and packaging. Then get the packing materials and labelings. Next the product needs to carry out a survey and marketing to business networks for expand the scope of sales. End after the user purchases the product, user will respond to the product though surveys. Again, analytics can be designed to enable entrepreneurs to make better and better quality products. This we call, online Multi-platform Marketplace chain. End to end sale concept network.


Customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence and long-term thinking.


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We strive to have a positive impact on customers, employees, small businesses, the economy, and communities. Pazarme are smart, passionate builders with different backgrounds and goals, who share a common desire to always be learning and inventing on behalf of our customers.


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Pazarme Our Contacts

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